For over 50 years Gonher has opted for product quality and compliance with the various safety regulations Toy EN-71, ASTM and different evolutions. All our products pass strict quality controls.


Committed to the environment all our manufacturing processes comply with the European regulations. Our commitment is to minimize waste generation.


Gonher is a responsible and strategic sector. We are committed to the safety and quality of our products by the vital importance of these in the physical, emotional, psychological and social development of people.


Gonher adheres to the Code of Good labor practices of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI) and a member of ICTI CARE Process, code of ethics in the manufacturing process.


P.O. BOX 92
C/Castalla Nº44
03440 IBI(Alicante)
Phone: +34 96 555 0900
Fax: +34 96 555 0047

about us

Factory of metal toys specialists
in cap guns, cap pistol,
Machine guns and rifles of Cowboy,
Police, Pirate, Command,
Hunter and other accessories
for carnival

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